Pins and Needles

PaN-eCoverSMThe first copies of my novel arrived today. It’s the tale of a few diverse characters whose lives are tenuously linked. The story is set against the backdrop of the ancient Camino de Santiago in Spain’s northern province of Galicia. The seed was sewn in a conversation with my sister Gillian in which she said: “Imagine… ” and came out with the core idea, neatly inserted and rearing to grow. The book touches upon hope, love, betrayal and friendship. I’ve walked the route upon which the plot unfolds over ten times – first for pleasure and then to research the book. Now that it’s done I have no doubt that I’ll continue to return to The Way. There’s something special about it.

Pins and Needles is currently available in paperback or eBook on the Amazon site by simply searching my name of clicking on the pertinent site link in the sidebar.

I’m currently starting work on the sequel, ‘Sticks and Stones’ which sees the return of some characters and the introduction of new ones. Please do feel free to comment. I will try to respond.


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