One week after the book launch…

At Hodges Figgis, Dublin's oldest bookstore

It’s a week after the official book launch of ‘Pins and Needles’. I’ve been flat out with work since so haven’t really had time to reflect or follow up properly but I thought I’d post something before it became a distant memory… The evening couldn’t have gone better. There were 70 or 80 people in attendance and about 50 books sold – pushing the novel into the Hodges Figgis best seller category. The book is now in the window display, under New Irish Authors and a couple of other locations around that gorgeous store (including the Travel Section, due to the Camino de Santiago influence, no doubt).

Apart from the practical success of the launch and book sales, it’s been a fabulous realisation, for me, that I have people out there who are interested and who care enough to give of their valuable time (and money in many cases) to come along. My sister Gillian with her husband Stephen and family had a car break down on the way but it didn’t stop them from getting the rest of the way on foot. Melanie Murphy, the YouTuber and author, had said she’d pop along when I was at her recent book launch. True to her word she took time out from her own book circuit to be there. Natasha Rocca Devine from The Interiors NRD arrived – quite likely from LA or somewhere – and did very slick and professional promotion for me. One of the most touching occurrences was the arrival of practically my entire Trinity Italian class and no less than five Trinity professors.

I’ve done a vlog post that shows my nerves beforehand, my rather stuttering speech and some photos of the night here:

There’s something special about seeing your book with those of authors you know and respect.

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