When a homeless guy arrives to make a purchase…

Today, seven years after it qualified for the Oscars, I posted my little 4-minute movie on Facebook because not a lot has changed for those who find themselves homeless.

It’s really heartening to find that, in just a few hours, it’s had over 2,000 views and that people are sharing it. It suggests that people do care and recognise that homeless people aren’t just a problematic statistic or a ‘category’. They’re individual people with their individual needs, problems, hopes and dreams. I really hope that this little film will help people to keep that in mind so thanks to all who took the time to watch it and share it. Today, in Dublin, there was a rally calling on the authorities to take meaningful action to ensure that nobody is left homeless. In a first world country like Ireland at Christmas with temperatures as low as -8 C there’s something broken in society when people are sleeping on the streets.

Click here to watch the film

Whatever Turns You On Facebook post

In 18 hours 2,000 people had watched the four-minute film.

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